Day 2

So today is already Day 3 but I skipped Day 2 because my new pup was taking up all of my time so I’ll tell about that first.

My day started off as usual, black coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I make my own. Yesterday it was one egg, made in my Perfect Pancake Maker (because the perfectly round eggs and non-stick surface don’t complicate my life) with two pieces of tukey on a whole-wheat English muffin. I usually cut off part of the English muffin because it’s already so thick and dry. I really need to up my breakfast sandwich game.

After that, we ran errands- took Chief to the vet, PetSmart, and Walmart, then came back home. For lunch, I had some of the pre-made grilled chicken thigh strips grilled with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. I season EVERYTHING with Tony Chaceres cajun seasoning. Really, I put that shit on everything. That and/or hot sauce of habanero pepper relish. I steer clear of sweet or rich condiments but I love spice. Oh, I also had a small potato with it but I nuked it so badly in the microwave that I only got about 2 bites of it. The rest was a crisp. I guess that was a sign that I shouldn’t have starch.

After lunch I went to the gym. I took my oldest son (14) with me. I didn’t do any cardio, only weights. You know what I hate? I hate when I scope out an area in the gym where there is no one else. I carve out a little nook for myself, go in and get started, then suddenly everybody and their mama has to be within 4 feet of me. WTF?! This happened so many times yesterday. Anyway, when I do weights, I do my whole body, every other day. I may soon switch to focusing on one body group each day and doing a short stint of cardio with it.

Anyway, for dinner I had “mushroom pizza”. I used giant portabello mushrooms, pizza sauce, a little bit of cheese and pepperoni. I also had baked sweet potatoes. It was delicious. I also had my customary 1.8 billion bottles of water throughout the day. The remainder of the day was spent chilling and playing with Chief.


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