Day 1

Today isn’t day 1 of my weight-loss journey, but it’s my first day blogging about it so I hereby proclaim it as day one. Currently I’m sitting in bed with my husband and my son, all on our various electronics. Oh, and our brand new puppy. Brand new as in we just brought him home a few hours ago. He’s sleeping right next to me while I wish he was splayed across my chest like a newborn. Oh the barren bank-account that will ensue after a trip to PetSmart tomorrow. However, my new fur-baby isn’t the subject of this blog.

My just also began to growl and that’s more along the lines of the subject of this blog. When I ate “dinner” about two hours ago, it wasn’t growling and I wasn’t even particularly hungry but I knew it was time to eat. I thought that the chicken breast strips, pickles, and freeze-dried apples would hold me over. Apparently not, but it’s 11:24 pm so I’m not inclined to eat more. Besides, I actually kind of like going to bed a little hungry.

I began my weight-loss journey the first week of January. I started off with dieting and have gradually worked up to everyday exercise. Sometimes it’s the gym, sometimes it’s a nature walk. I don’t count calories but I also don’t eat fried foods, sweets, soda/juice, or junk except maybe once a month. I have also started drinking tons of water (like 12+ bottles a day). I chew Trident Layers when I have cravings outside of my meals. I have even taken on a fitness partner- I teach high school and one of my students regularly works out with me. She definitely keeps me on my toes.

In the coming days I’ll use this blog for a lot of randomness, but also for accountability. I guess I should add that I am 300+ pounds and have struggled with my weight for my ENTIRE life. Seriously, I was almost 10 pounds at birth. I just turned 30 and quite frankly, I’m tired of being fat. I have lot weight before (like 100 pounds twice) but have always managed to gain it back. I hope this time is different. I’m a married, mom of 3 boys and a teacher, and I need all of the energy that I can muster. All of this added weight drains me, it makes me look older, and it drags me down. I’ve decided to do something about it. I hope that blogging about my journey, my successes, and my challenges will be an instrumental part of changing my life(style).



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